Myton Park Primary School

School Budget April 17 – March 18


Employees                                                                                                       £832,728.00

Curriculum                                                                                                         £21,854.00

Premises                                                                                                           £91,922.00

Transport                                                                                                               £200.00

Supplies and Services                                                                                    £235,811.00

Other Funding

TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                                                               £1,182,515.00


NET EXPENDITURE                                                                                    £1,182,515.00


Funds delegated by LEA

School Budget Share                                                                                   £1,065,826.00

SEN Funding:

School Budget share (SEN) element                                                                 £43,333.00

Pupil Premium                                                                                                    £29,000.00

Ethnic Minority                                                                                                     £5,618.00

Additional Grants for schools (eg sports premium,
infant free school meals)                                                                                   £17,637.00

Total School Budget Share                                                                       £1,161,414.00


 PE Grant

See sports premium in PE and Sport