School Council

School Council at Myton Park Primary School

The school council at Myton Park is an elected body of children who work together and represent the voice of the children in school.  At the beginning of the academic year we hold campaigns where the children put forward their reasons to be elected.  We then hold formal elections and each child is able to place his/her cote at the polling station.  The two children from each year group with the most votes are elected.  The children then hold meetings where they decide on projects they would like to undertake and each year’s council leave a legacy behind.  The school council meet regularly to discuss issues which come up in school and to help organise events such as Comic Relief.  After these meetings they feedback to their own class, sharing news and ideas.

Our school council for the academic year 2018-2019 is:-

Reception – Aiza and Lucas
Year 1 – Daniel and Eliza
Year 2 – Hollie and Owen
Year 3 – Flynn and Olivia
Year 4 – Mia and Finn
Year 5 – Jake and Isla
Year 6 – Caitlin and Matthew