School Council

School Council at Myton Park Primary School

The school council at Myton Park is an elected body of children who work together and represent the voice of the children in school.  At the beginning of the academic year we hold campaigns where the children put forward their reasons to be elected.  We then hold formal elections and each child is able to place his/her cote at the polling station.  The two children from each year group with the most votes are elected.  The children then hold meetings where they decide on projects they would like to undertake and each year’s council leave a legacy behind.  This year’s school council have created a healthy tuck shop which runs once a week to fundraise for outdoor play equipment.  The school council meet regularly to discuss issues which come up in school and to help organise events such as Comic Relief.  After these meetings they feedback to their own class, sharing news and ideas.

Our school council for the academic year 2016-2017 is:-

Reception – Jacob and Faye
Year 1 – Phoebe and jacob
Year 2 – Jack and Sophie
Year 3 – Daisy and Charlie
Year 4 – Eva and Johnny
Year 5 – Paddy and Ava
Year 6 – Joe and Toni

Time Capsule
The school council were excited to hear about the upcoming leisure development and were please to be chosen to represent the school in creating items for the time capsule.  They thought of their own ideas for what they would like to be included and worked hard to create fact sheets and information about what life is like in 2017.  They have even made their own predictions about what life will be like in 100 years which include living life through virtual reality, having a transportation device and being taught through online teaching with tablets.  They visualise flying cars and an I phone 25 which we are plugged into.  They thoroughly enjoyed the project and below is a photograph of 2 school council members with the time capsule and the Mayor and his wife.