Memory Box

Memory Box

The children in the Hub this week are starting their innovate stage. They are designing and making their own memory box. If your child has anything at home that they wish to bring in to decorate their box with please send in (E.G family photographs to glue on etc) on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

The children will also be writing a list of objects they would like to put in their memory box. This has been composed  and written by them and is just for you see their ideas. If you would like to send in some small objects to go in their memory box please feel free to send some in at the end of the week. All objects will be returned.

We are looking forward to seeing what ideas the children come up with and how innovative they are in their memory box designs. The children will be bringing home their memory boxes to keep at the end of half term.

Thank you

Mrs Roberts

Tuck Shop

School Council would like to announce that tuck shop will begin again this week. Tuck shop will now be held on a Thursday morning playtime. Children are allowed to bring 50p in to school to buy a snack if they would like.


Reading at Home

I spent some time last week looking at the children’s  reading records. It is good to see many reading regularly, but it really is important that all children read a minimum of 4 times a week. Fluency and speed of reading, coupled with good comprehension are key skills that will really help the children to reach their full potential now and into adult life.  I have given several children across school Head Teacher Award stickers for consistently regular reading, but I really do hope I can give out many more when I next look at their records.

For older children, the reading plus work is key in developing their skills, and we are pleased with the way they have embraced this resource, but they should still be reading books.

Please do make sure that an adult signs the reading records so staff are aware of how much practice they are getting at home.

We encourage the children to understand that their learning is for them and that the more they learn in school then the more choices they will have as an adult in choosing jobs. This really does help in developing intrinsic motivation.

Many thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to approach class teachers.

Kind Regards
Elisabeth  J Lee
Head Teacher


This week we are learning about toys old and new. Please could you send into school an old toy (this could be a baby toy or handed down toy) and a new toy for your child. We would like them to come into school on Thursday 11th October and we will send them home at the end of the day.

Thank you Mrs Roberts


This week in science we have been using our senses to investigate objects and describe them. We were blind folded with a scarf and had to describe what objects felt like, how they smelt and what they sounded like. We had great fun and some funny guesses. One of the children thought Curry powder smelt like soap! Why not play a senses guessing game at home this weekend?