Communication Code

Communication Code

In order for school to be a truly effective professional learning environment, it is essential for ALL staff to adhere to this protocol.

All staff should follow the national, professional standards associated with their role at all times. Additionally we should expect the following from each other and from ourselves.

Liaison Protocol

  • We are here for each other and the children on our care
  • We talk with each other
  • We listen to each other
  • We make time for each other
  • We meet each other
  • We inform each other
  • We are honest with each other
  • We support each other
  • We respect each other
  • We celebrate and share our different strengths

As part of this professional approach we should expect the following behaviour from each other.

  • Be caring and considerate in all your dealings with the children, your colleagues and parents/carers
  • Be smart and punctual
  • Never talk down to people – children, colleagues or parents/carers Be willing to try new ideas
  • Be honest and straightforward when you need to be and encourage it in others
  • Retain the whole school vision at all times
  • Care for the children as you would your own
  • Be collectively responsible for all aspects of school life – if you see something that needs doing – do it. Don’t wait for someone else.
  • Fulfil ALL of your duties to the best of your ability
  • Have your say
  • Avoid cliché’s of jargon
  • Ensure you spend time on self-reflection and analysis
  • Have loyalty for each other
  • Keep it in the team – (confidentiality)
  • Agree to disagree in a non-confrontational way
  • Encourage a” no-blame” culture
  • With rights – come responsibilities
  • Give no excuses – learn from mistakes and move on
  • Be up front and to the point
  • Avoid gossip