The Hub- home learning

Hi everyone,

Hope you have had a good first day of home learning and are being well behaved for your adults. I started my morning off with my son doing cosmic kids yoga on YouTube. Why not give it a try? Joe Wickes is also doing a daily exercise class on You Tube to help you keep fit and healthy.

In the packs we sent out you have an array of work but remember that you can also add in your own ideas, why not bake and practise your maths skills of weighing and measuring? Create your own fantasy world out of Lego and write a description in your book. Remember to keep a record of what you have done. this can be a note in your book.

Today I am sending you a challenge to do. Create a rainbow and display it in your window. You could draw, paint or collage one. A rainbow is a symbol of joy and happiness and we all need a little of that at the moment. If you go out for a walk, take a look around and see how many you can see displayed in windows in your area.

I would love to see your pictures and any other work you have completed. Take a photo and send it to me by email:

Have a good day everyone

Mrs Roberts X