Year 1 Workshop 11.2.20: Cursive Writing

Information from Today’s Workshop

We talked about expectations in Year 1 for handwriting: forming letters correctly, whooshes in and out, writing on the line, using finger spaces, the handwriting letter mantras, making capital letters bigger than anything else, making tall letters tall and small letters small.

We played a game. Can you ‘draw’ a letter on someone’s back with your finger? Can they guess which letter it is?

We copied some sentences off the board taking great care with our letter formation. Adults checked our writing.

Children should all come home with a copy of the handwriting mantras, a piece of large lined paper and a feedback sheet. Please return feedback sheets if you have any comments to make about a workshops.

We hope those who were able to attend found it useful.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 1 Team

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