Year 1 Computing Home Access

The children should have received their pass for ‘Times Tables Rockstar’ today for them to access it from home. They should also have a ‘Purple Mash’ login and a ‘Lexia’ login inside their homework book. We would encourage the children to access this software at home however this is not a necessity unless linked to specific homework set. We hope the children enjoy accessing these programs from home. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continued support, The Year 1 Team.

Year 1 and Year 4 Collaborative Computing

A big thank you to Year 4 for helping Year 1 in computing over the last couple of days. Year 4 have introduced Year 1 to ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ and Ozobots. We hope they share their learning about this with people at home. The Year 1 children have loved working with their older peers and learning how to use pens to give the Ozobots an algorithm to follow. Year 4 were patient and supportive with the younger children, helping them to gain confidence with this new hardware and software. We hope to continue this partnership in the Spring term with more collaborative learning opportunities.

Our Recent Learning

Please see attached some photographs of our recent learning. We have been working hard and enjoying the start of our new topic – Moon Zoom. We have talked about the characters in a story called ‘The Way Back Home’. In Maths we have been practising subtraction. We have written our own ending to a poem and talked about the change to Autumn in our learning about seasons.

Thank you for your continued support with spellings. Following recent tests we have made changes to our spelling groups and also reading groups to hopefully ensure appropriate levels of challenge for each child. Please continue to note in their reading records any issues regarding these groups.

Year 1 DT/Art

This week has been very exciting already and we can’t wait to continue our Moon Zoom topic. We have planned and designed our own spaceship or rocket ready to make it next week during our DT lesson. In order to do this we need lots of junk modelling resources such as kitchen roll holders, plastic bottles, pringles tubes or any other cylinder shaped materials. We are also looking for materials that we could put together to create a UFO shape eg. two paper/plastic bowls stuck together. If you any of these materials at home please can you send them in ready for next week.  (We can’t accept toilet roll holders!)


Thank you

Year 1 Team

Alien Crash

This morning Year 1 noticed there had been a crash in the playground. We think either a space ship has crashed and an alien has escaped or a space ship has collided with something else and is losing parts! Please keep a look out for any more evidence to help us solve the mystery. We will continue investigating this week.

Welcome back Year 1!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic half term and are ready to get back to Year 1 for our new topic – Moon Zoom. We look forward to seeing you in the morning…but watch out on that playground. I think I might have just heard a loud crashing sound!

Our Learning – Autumn 2

Just a note to share some of our intended learning for the second part of the Autumn term for English and Maths. This was a frequently asked question at parents evening so we thought it best to share this for the benefit of all parents and children as things you could practise with your child over the coming half term and when we are back at school.

English – Writing:
– writing in clauses which make sense
– re-reading writing to check it makes sense
– using a big capital letter to start a sentence
– spelling key words correctly
– spelling unfamiliar words using the sounds we know

English – Reading:
– re-reading texts to increase fluency
– recognising action words and common non-decodable words
– using sounds they know to sound out and blend unfamiliar words
– making predictions
– inferring from the text and sharing opinions

– continue learning on addition and subtraction
– 2D and 3D shapes
– counting (forwards, backwards, ordering, place value, comparing

Enjoy your half term and we look forward to seeing the children back rested and re-charged ready for our next topic – Moon Zoom.

Thank you for your continued support and for your time at parents evening. It was lovely to spend a bit of time talking about your child’s progress and their next steps.

The Year 1 team