Year 1 Materials

Hi all,

After recent emails from parents regarding work for home we have a put together a few sheets which might be of help.

Firstly, a document containing some of the end of year expectations for Year 1 so you can see what kinds of things would be expected of the children by this point in the year. We have included some ideas of things you could do to help your child work towards these end of year expectations. Again, these are exceptional circumstances and anything you can do at home once term starts would be great but know different families have different amounts of time available for home learning.

end of year expectations 1

Secondly, a sheet containing some of the learning we were planning for the end of Spring term in our foundation subjects. This will give you additional ideas for work to do at home if needed.

New Home Learning Grid

We love receiving your pictures and emails both on our work email and on Purple Mash so keep sending anything you think we might want to see :-).

We hope that you have a great two weeks during the Easter holidays and we would like the children to take this opportunity to enjoy some family time, relax and have a break from doing school work. We look forward to speaking to you all again in two weeks time.

Take care all!

The Year 1 Team

Year 1 Spelling 1

Please find attached the next spelling list that the children were up to. I haven’t split it into the three different groups but instead I have included all of the words. If you usually have 6 words then you can either choose 6 to focus on or you can have a go at all 10.

Week 1

Challenge- can you write a sentence for some of the words?

Mrs Roberts is going to try and upload a test in the first week back after Easter so keep checking the app for this! We will give this a try and if it doesn’t work then we will think of something else.

Good luck

Mrs Hargrave

Year 1 Page of the Day

Wednesday 1st April

Please see our Page of the Day.

We will be in contact later in the week to ask if anyone would like any work in particular as we are aware some children are coming to the end of their home learning packs. As always we understand everyone has different amounts of time they can spend on home learning but we want to offer what we can for those who can complete it.

We would also like to ask for parents to email a picture of a piece of writing the children have done since they have not been in school. Please email it to either Mrs Roberts and Mrs Hargrave.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 1 Team