Curriculum Design

Together, we nuture, inspire and achieve

Myton Park’s Coherent and well connected curriculum design
Firstly, it’s crucial to understand the impact that a coherent curriculum has on learning. A well-connected and well-sequenced curriculum will enable our children to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. It will enable them to seek out their passions, become increasingly knowledgeable and make sense of complex concepts that might otherwise be taught in isolation. In the light of the recent drive to reduce teacher workload, a coherent and well-connected curriculum can make the difference between having to do ad-hoc, detailed lesson plans or being able to do ‘light-touch planning’ that is underpinned by a robust knowledge and skills progression framework.

How we ensure curriculum connectivity?
We don’t underestimate the complexity of curriculum design. We primarily use a curriculum package, Cornerstones’ Curriculum Maestro, that has built-in curriculum connectivity and progression which is adapted to our school’s needs. Some subjects such as Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages and Science are taught discreetly, however knowledge, skills and understanding and interwoven throughout the curriculum.
“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Dimensions of connectivity
We identify the main areas of connectivity: big ideas, subject-to-subject links, pedagogical links and contextual links. Through careful consideration and planning we have 10 big ideas that thread the curriculum.

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Big Ideas Explained

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