Mrs Vikki Boddy is the school’s SENCO.  If you wish to contact Mrs Boddy then please contact her via the school.

Myton Park is a fully inclusive school and we embrace children with a variety of additional needs.  These can include difficulties with communication and interaction/cognition and learning/social, emotional and mental health/sensory and/or physical needs.  We work in partnership with parents and outside agencies (such as speech and language, school health, CAHMS, Educational Psychology) to understand a child’s needs as best we can, to ensure we deliver a curriculum that helps them to reach their potential.

Quality teaching, with activities that are well planned to best suit the needs  of all learners, forms an integral part of our work.  Children are taught within classrooms for the vast majority of time, with specific activities and some intervention taking place outside the classroom where appropriate.

The various links below are:-

The SEND support offer which describes in more detail what is available at Myton Park;

Stockton’s Local Offer outlines the responsibilities of the local authority

Accessibility Plan

Equality Policy Statement

SEND Policy and Information Report awaiting approval

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Links for support agencies for children with Special Educational Needs

SEND IASS Service Leaflet