At Myton Park, the teaching of History contributes greatly to the development of every child. History teaches our children about the story of the people on Earth, the human story. The History Curriculum at Myton Park is carefully designed to develop children’s historical knowledge and understanding of historical periods within their long-term memories.  Such History enriches our children’s minds and imaginations  and our language rich curriculum supports and gives our children the tools to communicate historically with confidence.

At Myton Park, we produce valuable and memorable opportunities for all children to learn, grow and develop skills relevant to their needs, now and in their future. Our children develop a willingness to question and explore, a curiosity to investigate and interpret the past , an overview of world history and an understanding of chronology. We want our children to inherit and develop the characteristics of a Historian, find a passion for History and communicate this passion.

The curriculum focuses on retaining knowledge, gaining an understanding of key concepts over time and re-visiting the same knowledge through a series of carefully planned activities. It is our ambition to inspire our children through studying the best of what has been thought and said in order to achieve.

Together we, Nurture, Inspire and Achieve.