Our school is often oversubscribed and under Stockton’s Co-ordinated Admissions Arrangements parents/carers need to complete a “Common Application Form”.

You can apply on-line at

Stockton on Tees Local Education Authority Admission Policy for 2019-2020

The admission conditions will give priority to applications for admission to a school in the following order:-

Pupils who are cared for by the local authority.

Pupils who need specialist provision due to their complex needs

Primary pupils who have a brother or sister permanently living at the same address, who are still at the school when the pupil begins.  Please note this criteria only applies to siblings who are of compulsory school age, not younger siblings who attend a nursery setting attached to a school

Pupils who are permanently resident within the admission zone who have returned a School Admission Form by the due date.

Pupils who have social or medical reasons for being admitted to the school which would, should the child not be admitted, cause him or her to be seriously disadvantaged or put personal safety at risk.  For each case we will need proof from an independent person such as a medical specialist who has been involved with the child over a period of time, a social worker.  The exceptional reasons may be on social, medical or education grounds.  However in each case, we will need proof from an independent source such as a head teacher, doctor, social worker or other professional.  We will not give places within this condition based on a child’s ability or intelligence.

Pupils who live closest to the school as measured in a straight line (“as the crow flies”).  This will be measured electronically from a centre point of the school to a centre point of the home (including flats

 In the event of our school being over suscrbed  we do not guarantee Reception/school places for any pupils who live within the admission zone and/or who attend our nursery.

For the academic year 2019/2020, our admission limit to Reception is 30.  The maximum number of pupils in each of our year groups i.e Reception to Year 6 is 30

Equal Ranking

Applications will be allocated using a process called Equal Ranking.  This means that all preferences put down on your common application form will be treated equally.  However, we will try to meet your highest ranked preference.

When it is not possible to comply with parental preferences, parents will be given the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Committee.


Admission to Reception Class

Children will be admitted to Main School, (full time) in September 2019 if their date of birth falls between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015.

A meeting for new parents will be arranged with staff in the term before your child begins school.

Nursery Admissions Policy

Myton Park Primary School has a 78 placed nursery (39 morning and 39 afternoon places) for 4 and 3 year olds.  We also offer flexible places i.e. 2 and a half days and some 30 hour places.

Children are normally admitted to our nursery in the September following their third birthday, however, depending on the number of places available, children may be admitted to the nursery immediately after their third birthday.

We follow Stockton on Tees Admissions Policy when offering places:-

Priority is given to 4 year olds  who are not in a nursery where:

1.   They are not resident in the admission zone of the school but have a sibling attending the school at the time they take their place in nursery.

2.    Resident within the admission zone

3.   Not resident in the admission zone of the school and for whom it has not been possible/appropriate to allocate a place at their admission

zone school and the school for which the parent is applying is deemed appropriate;

Where there are vacancies remaining, up to the set admission number of 39 full time equivalent places, places will be allocated in the following order of priorities for 3 year old children:

1.    The child has direct sibling links (brothers/sisters/step-brothers/step-sisters) already attending Myton Park Primary School

2.   The child’s permanent residential address is within the admission zone for Myton Park Primary School.  Please note that it is now school

policy to request one or more of the following documents to establish proof of residency, child benefit letter, council tax bill, utility bill.

3.   Any remaining places will be offered to children, in date of birth order, living outside the admission zone for Myton Park Primary School whoare on the waiting list.

Parents are invited to put their child’s name down on our waiting list.

Please note that admission to the Nursery at Myton Park Primary School does not guarantee a place in our Reception class.