Art and Design

Through a wide range of topics, children will explore the three big ideas underpinning the subject of art and design:

  • The development of ideas.
  • The mastery of practical techniques.
  • The inspiration which can be taken from the greats.

Our children will work towards key milestones, over a two year period, allowing time to revisit key concepts, techniques and existing artists. This spiral approach to learning gives the children a chance to remember past learning and to deepen their understanding.

Art and design can create opportunities for children to be expressive and independent thinkers. Our aim is to equip our children with the knowledge, inspiration and techniques needed to nurture their creativity and confidence in their own artwork. Whilst also providing them with the cultural understanding of art, which can support them as they grow into well rounded adults.

The curriculum focuses on retaining knowledge, gaining an understanding of key concepts over time and re-visiting the same knowledge through a series of carefully planned activities. It is our ambition to inspire our children through studying the best of what has been thought and said in order to achieve.

Together we, Nurture, Inspire and Achieve.