At Myton Park our music curriculum is designed inspire and develop a fascination with music.  Children will experience a wide breadth of musical study, developing an awareness and appreciation of different musical genres, reflecting upon historical, social and cultural origins.   At Myton Park our Music curriculum is built using our school curriculum drivers, and ensure children have a rich cultural capital. Children will develop their abilities to:

  • Perform – This concept involves understanding that music is created to be performed.
  • Compose – This concept involves appreciating that music is created through a process which has a number of techniques.
  • Transcribe – This concept involves understanding that compositions need to be understood by others and that there are techniques and a language for communicating them.
  • Describe music – This concept involves appreciating the features and effectiveness of musical elements.

The curriculum focuses on retaining knowledge, gaining an understanding of key concepts over time and re-visiting the same knowledge through a series of carefully planned activities. It is our ambition to inspire our children through studying the best of what has been thought and said in order to achieve.

Together we, Nurture, Inspire and Achieve.