Modern Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language offers a great insight to new cultures and helps children develop a curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world, as well as broadening knowledge of language structure and vocabulary. The curriculum states that in Key Stage 2 every child should learn a foreign language. The chosen language at Myton Park is French. We choose to do this through a number of schemes, which includes Language Angels. We work closely with a local secondary school who support us in our teaching and learning. This scheme enables children to access power points, songs and raps, interactive games, information and learning materials and at the same time allows teachers to deliver structured, exciting and informative lessons. Children will meet the needs of the curriculum through studying topics such as: Animals, Fruit, Musical Instruments, Family, The Weather and in the Classroom, also through a range of Fairy Tales and History and Geography topics. These topics are current, relevant and engaging.

Modern Foreign Languages Statement of Intent