Year 1 2 3 Christmas Performance

For the performance tomorrow evening please could your child be back at school for 5:40pm at the latest. Please could your child come to the main school entrance and make their way to their classrooms where staff will be waiting.

Year 1 – Your alien head band and Christmas top/jumper should already be in school from the afternoon performance. Please ensure these are in school by the morning of Tuesday 10th December.

Year 2/3 – Your costumes are in school but please remember any extras you need e.g. tights, trousers, different shoes.

After the performance the children will change in their classrooms and be handed back to parents individually.

Thank you for your continued support.

Times Table Rockstars – Year 1 and Year 2 Battle

Let battle commence! Mr Harvey has challenged Year 1 and Year 2 to a battle of their times tables. Who will come out on top? The battle begins at 9.00am on Tuesday 26th November and ends at 3.30pm on Thursday 28th November. Please be part of the team and give some time to practising your tables.

Your child’s account should (or will have already) started in ‘Automatic Training’ mode to give your child appropriate questions to answer. There has been information given previously on the App about this.

Good luck!

The Year 1 and Year 2 Teams

Automatic Training Mode on TTRS

With Automatic Training Mode (ATM) enabled, children will go through our pre-programmed levels when they play in the Garage or Arena. As well as saving you time, ATM will shorten the time it takes for your learner to become a Rock Star!


Over the years, we have accumulated billions of times tables answers from children around the world. From that data, we’ve formed a sophisticated understanding of how pupils internalise each multiplication and division fact and how they begin to understand the underlying concepts. We then deconstructed all the tables up to, and including, the 12s and reassembled them several times, until we created a highly effective sequence to learning the answers.

How does it work?

Learners play in the Garage or the Arena and begin with our first set of questions (1×10 up to 4×10). When they can answer at a rate of 20 per minute, we’ll introduce the next set of questions. As learners progress, ATM brings in commutativity, missing number questions and division facts. So the first 9 levels, look like this:

Level 1 : 1×10 to 4×10
Level 2 : 10×1 to 10×4
Level 3 : A mix of 1 and 2

Level 4 : 10×?=10 to 10×?=40
Level 5 : ?×10=10 to ?×10=40
Level 6 : A mix of 4 and 5

Level 7 : 10÷10 to 40÷10
Level 8 : 10÷1 to 40÷4
Level 9 : A mix of 7 and 8

Then the process repeats for 5×10 to 8×10 and once more for 9×10 to 12×10 before moving onto the next table and starting the process again.

Once they have a few tables under their belt, ATM combines them for a while, to consolidate recall, and then brings in a fresh table. The process repeats – all the while giving plenty of opportunity to revisit prior learning, by interleaving earlier tables and giving due weight to the facts we know learners struggle with the most – until your learner has become a Rock Star at all the tables!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do learners start?

They start by playing a game called ‘Gig’. Gig games diagnose each learner’s abilities on the tables and then determines which table they need to practise first.

How do you move on a level?

By getting an average speed of 3 seconds or less per question, by answering at least 20 questions correctly a minute (i.e. 20 correct answers in a 1 minute game, 40 in 2 minutes, or 60 in 3 minute games).

If you have any other questions please ask a member of staff.

Year 2 Pirate Day 15.2.19

Year 2 will be having a Pirate Day on Friday 15th February to celebrate the end of our topic ‘Land Ahoy!’. Children are invited to come into school dressed as pirates or explorers but please do not buy anything especially for the day; jeans and a colourful t-shirt is fine. We will end the day with a pirate picnic.

Year 1, 2, 3 and The Hub Christmas Party

Just a reminder that the Year 1,2,3 Christmas party will take place on the afternoon of Monday 17th December 2018. Your child can bring party clothes in bag to change into after lunch.  Please make sure bags are named. Your child will be bringing home a letter regarding party food; please check their school bags. If your child has dietary requirements, please make sure staff are aware of them.

Thank you