Nursery Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter

Please see below the learning that will take place this term. We will continue to send weekly Marvellous Me messages to keep you up to date as we move through the term, including websites that may be of interest connected to our learning.

Communication and Language

Opportunities to:

  • Share their ideas and listen to those of others.
  • Listen to stories and join in with repeated refrains.
  • Begin to use a sentence.
  • Introduce new vocabulary and use it when talking.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Opportunities to:

  • Notice what others are doing / playing.
  • Become more independent with self care, e.g. using the toilet.
  • Begin to share and take turns.
  • Begin to follow nursery rules and routines.


Physical Development

Opportunities to:

  • Move in different directions e.g. sideways and backwards.such as running.
  • Throw and catch a balloon.
  • Build a tower with 6 or more blocks.
  • Develop a pincer grip.
  • Draw lines and circles.


Opportunities to:

  • Listen to stories, rhymes and poems.
  • Talk about characters in a story.
  • Approach adults to read and write with them.
  • Use some marks to represent their writing, e.g. wavy lines across the page, shapes such as circles and lines.


Opportunities to:

  • Compare objects by shape and size.
  • Count a set of objects, saying one name for each object.
  • Subitise within 3 (recognise a set of objects without counting).
  • Notice and talk about patterns.
  • Use language e.g.taller and shorter to compare objects.

Understanding of the World

Opportunities to:

  • Talk about Autumn – weather, clothes and special times such as harvest.
  • Find out about our local area e.g. shops and what they sell.
  • Look at photos of themselves as babies and talk about how they have changed.

Expressive Art and Design

Opportunities to:

  • Explore different media and materials.
  • Look at the work of different artists such as Kandinsky and create our own representations.
  • Experiment with musical instruments and the different sounds we can make.

PE Day: Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are always happy to help.

Nursery Team