Reception Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter

Please see below the learning that will take place this term. We will continue to send weekly Marvellous Me messages to keep you up to date as we move through the term, including websites that may be of interest connected to our learning.

Communication and Language

Opportunities to:

  • Understand the importance of listening.
  • Have an extensive vocabulary.
  • Retell stories and sequences events. Often gives a running commentary during play.
  • Enjoy non-fiction books, especially an area they are interested in, e.g. dinosaurs. Asks a large number of questions.
  • Use language for a variety of purposes: to share, take turns, compare, predict, explain.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Opportunities to:

  • Become confident and self assured.
  • Demonstrate persistence and some emotional control.
  • Identify basic feelings and some strategies to manage them.
  • Follow basic hygiene rule
  • Have a stable self-concept.
  • Begin to identify what makes them special
  • Help to create rules.
  • Describe what they like and don’t like about their environment.

Physical Development

Opportunities to:

  • Walk up and down stairs, with one foot on each step.
  • Clap in time to music.
  • Catch, kick, throw and bounce a ball.
  • Use a balance bike.
  • Hop and march.
  • Use a variety of different playground equipment.
  • Build with other construction toys.
  • Begin to fasten buttons and zips.
  • Draw a person with head, legs, body and (usually) arms and fingers.


Opportunities to:

  • Enjoy listening to and joining in with stories.
  • Use language from stories.
  • Make attempts to read and write.
  • Identify familiar signs and labels.
  • Recognise initial sounds.
  • Say the sounds for individual letters.
  • Write some actual letters, especially the letters in their name.


Opportunities to:

  • Count to ten and may write or draw the numeral 5
  • Subitise to five in familiar arrangements.
  • Identify first to fifth.
  • Place numbers on a blank number line to ten

Understanding of the World

Opportunities to:

  • Know that children grow and change with the passage of time.
  • Join in and talks about family customs and routines.
  • Give details about where they live, e.g. city, town or village name, street name. Uses some geographical vocabulary to describe their local environment.
  • Know we need to take care of materials, e.g. putting things away properly.
  • Explore a range of everyday objects and can talk about similarities and differences between them.
  • Explore the natural world, using their five senses.
  • Begin to talk about why things happen.
  • Predict what might happen and explains why.

Expressive Art and Design

Opportunities to:

  • Explore colour and colour mixing.
  • Begin to use painting and drawing to represent actions and objects.
  • Describe the quality of a sound as, e.g. loud, quiet, long, short.
  • Sing a whole song with others.
  • Enjoy playing a wide variety of instruments.
  • Move to different musical rhythms and tempos, often as animals, e.g. lions, elephants and monkeys.

PE Day: Monday

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are always happy to help.

Reception Team