Goodbye to our amazing Year 6

IMG_2007We would like to wish all our Year 6 children a massive good luck as they go on to their new secondary schools. We are really going to miss you so much… you’re all amazing!!

Even though it’s been a unique year, we couldn’t Let you go without our traditional water fight.

Enjoy your dvds, have a relaxing summer and stay safe.
Mrs Boddy and Mrs Lambert

Year 1 Zoom Call


We are inviting the children to join us for a Zoom chat before we finish school for the summer holidays.

Here are the two possible meeting times…

Wednesday 15th July at 01:30pm
Meeting ID 920 4073 2687
Password 8JqM7Z


Thursday 16th July at 10:30am
Meeting ID 994 7477 1205
Password 4J7xDn

You can join a Zoom meeting by going to and clicking ‘join a meeting’ or you can download the Zoom app on your Apple or android device.

If you join and wait in the ‘waiting room’ approximately 5-10 minutes before the start of your meeting, we will let you in when everyone is ready. You might want to get a piece of work or object ready to share with us.

If you have any problems, please email me or Mrs Hargrave.

We look forward to seeing as many of you online as possible 🙂

Mrs Roberts, Mrs Hargrave and Mrs Smith

Myton Park Zoom Protocols
In order to comply with school procedures, we ask you to abide by the following protocols:
1) An adult must be in the same room as the child during the session.
2) This session is for the child’s learning; if an adult needs to contact the teacher about any issues, this must be done at a different time.
3) We encourage you to be available for the session. If there are exceptional circumstances and you are unable to make the time set, you must let the class teacher know in advance via email.
4) The topic of conversation will be education based. Please discuss with your child about appropriate/ inappropriate topics. If your child mentions watching something or playing a game not age appropriate, we will have to explain this to them.
5) Suitable clothing must be worn by the child during the session, even on a hot day.
6) Sessions may be recorded for safeguarding purposes.
7) Virtual backgrounds can be used at home.

Year 6 Leavers

I know that there is a lot of disappointment around not being able to have many of the traditional leavers events.
We are still trying to celebrate the children’s time at Myton Park in various ways and have a few things in planned. We need your help for a few of the planned things.
Yesterday you received a notification about autograph books and were asked to return the email to Mrs Lambert by Friday 3rd July.
We are using Friday 3rd July as key date so that it doesn’t get complicated.
Task 1 Autograph book info emailed to Mrs Lambert by Fri 3rd July
Task 2 Water fight
Traditionally we have a Year 6 water fight. We would like you to send a video of someone out of the screen throwing/squirting water at your child then your child throwing a bucket of water or squirting water at someone out of the video.
If you need to have several attempts at squirting water at your child, we understand… this is your chance to get your own back for the last 14 weeks of homeschooling. haha!
We will then put them together in a video…. a bit like the toilet challenge.
We are hoping to achieve something like this.

Please send the video to by Friday 3rd July

Task 3 Signed shirts
On Friday 3rd July please bring a white school shirt/Tshirt in a named carrier bag and drop it in to the plastic box outside the school office entrance. The box will be there all day. We will then not touch them for at least 72 hours.
On Thursday 9th July, weather permitting, we will lay the shirts out on the playground. the children will need a pair of gloves and their own pen and arrive at the school gates.
Surnames A-E 11-12
Surnames F-K 1-2
Surnames M-W 2-3
We will organise the children in school.
Please let me know if these times don’t work… we understand everyone has a different situation.
On 16th July we will have a pack with lots of leavers things in for your child. They will be in a packet and advise that once received you leave it 72 hours before opening… I know it will be hard to resist but we’re following guidelines for everyone’s safety.

We apologise for all the information but this is new to us all.
Any questions please ask.

Mrs Boddy & Mrs Lambert

Year 6 Autograph Books

Good afternoon.

As part of your child finishing at Myton Primary, we have organised the ever popular autographs books for them to look back on.

We appreciate life has been somewhat tricky but we still are trying to celebrate their time at school.

Please can you ask your child to write  comment/memory about each of their classmates in the attached table and return this to by next Friday 3rd July.

Thank you.


Please click on the link below, fill in and return by above email… thank you.

class list       Please click on this link, fill in and return by above email… thank you.

Virtual School Games

Good Morning,

We know that school life might be a little bit different at the moment, but you can still compete to be Tees Valley champions in the “Tees Valley Virtual School Games”.

Take part alongside your friends and teammates from school, represent your district, and strive to be the very best that you can in this very special, virtual competition.

During the School Games Finals week, 15th June to 18th June, we will be launching 8 different challenges for you to complete which can be done from the living room, garden, driveway, yard, street or even school.

Each challenge will be available until 9pm on Thursday 18th June. You can complete it as many times as you like before submitting your best scores in each challenge on results form for each challenge ahead of the deadline. Your score will be added to your school total, meaning that you can be part of your school team, and compete against all of the other schools in the county.

Your school’s total score will be calculated by taking the average of score submissions, so it doesn’t matter whether you are at a small school or a huge school. Children scores will gain points for their school and their district in the overall leaderboards.

We would love to see your videos and photos of you participating in the challenges. Keep your eye out for special prizes over the week as we watch the leaderboards for schools representing the Spirit of the Games and getting the most participants involved in each challenge.

Follow the link to find all challenges and to submit your results. To submit your results just find the challenge you are submitting your results for and there will be a form to fill in with your name and school. We are Stockton Northfield when it asks for your district.

If for any reason you cannot submit your results, you can send them over to Mr Busby and he can do them for you.

For any pictures, videos or results please send to

We would love for everyone to take part and give it a go! Parents that includes you!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s attempts.

Many Thanks
Mr Busby

Daily Challenge

Good morning

Today’s challenge is to make a marble run!

Raid the recycling box and challenge yourself to build a marble run (small or large).  You could use straws, paper plates or even tape cardboard ramps and tubes to the back of a door. Masking tape will allow you to reposition parts easily, and is kind to paint! If you alter the surface the marble is travelling along, what happens?  How long can you keep a marble going from top to bottom?


DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls | Diy crafts for kids easy, Diy ...How To Make A Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze With Your Kids

10+ Awesome Homemade Marble Runs - Buggy and BuddyPin on Lifetime Love of Learning

This activity encourages thinking  about gravity, friction and simple machines – it’s also lots of fun!

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Lee

Daily Challenge

Good morning

Today’s challenge is to make a penny disappear!  I found this fun experiment for you to try.  Has the penny magically disappeared?  Is it science or magic? Before you watch the link, do you know what is happening? Do you know what refraction is? Can you find any other experiments that help you understand refraction?

Have fun!

Mrs Lee