Year 6 Blog

Keep checking our class blog on Purple Mash for activities to keep busy.

Natural History Museum has a fab virtual tour I thought you might enjoy.

Feel free to share all your ideas too!

Mrs Lambert

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

It has been really nice to see everybody’s rainbows and window displays to show support for the NHS and keyworkers and to spread some positivity around Ingleby. To continue this, people have now decided to put bears in their windows so that when you’re out for a little walk you can go on a bear hunt. The children in school yesterday went on a bear hunt and have hidden some bears in the windows that run alongside the public path.

How many bears will you find?

You could also read ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ with your family. Maybe you could recreate your own hunt around your house or in your garden.

Stay safe and enjoy your bear hunt!


Mrs Hargrave

Year 6 Blog

We have set up a blog on Purple Mash for the whole class to communicate together. We’ d love you to share what you’ve been up to.
When you log into Purple Mash, choose the green sharing icon on the top and go into shared blogs. You will see the Year 6 blog. There is also a help icon if anyone needs further support.

Year 6 toilet roll challenge… message for children

Hi everyone
Hope you’ve had a great first week.

We’re missing you lots but it’s great to be receiving emails, posts and learning and seeing what you’ve been up to.

We’re just organising a blog on purple mash so you can all chat to each other… I know how much you like to chat 😂. Watch this space!
We thought it would be a bit of fun if you could film yourself catching a toilet roll then do a move ( could be dance, gym, football trick, sports trick ) and then throw the toilet roll out of shot. If you catch it coming in from your right side and throw it out on your left side then it’s easier to put together.
There’s some examples of teams doing this on you tube.
If you want to take part, email them to me by Thursday evening…my address is in your home learning book.
Have fun and keep safe
Mrs Boddy

The Hub -Week 2

Good morning everyone,

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for week two of home learning.

In the packs I sent home, I included enough work for this week. Please continue to work through your packs. If you have any questions about the work please just drop me an email or even if you would like more work! As you complete work please send me a photograph, I would love to see how you are getting on. If you are completing other tasks not on the list of physically, please keep a note of what you have completed and when in your home learning book. There are so many different ways to learn!

I have noticed that some of you have been working online using the log ins I sent home. Please make sure you log on to Lexia daily and TT Rockstars to practise your times tables. I will keep checking to see how you are doing.

Today I would like to set you another challenge. Attached to this post are ideas for a scavenger hunt around the house. Either use the ones attached or create your own for someone else. Have fun, I would love to see pictures of your hunt too.

Again if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Even though we are apart for now, we are all still part of The Hub.

Year 5 Maths

Dear Year 5,

I have now uploaded all of your daily maths activities on MyMaths.  When you log in each day, there will be a new task for you to complete.  Please complete all working out in your home learning book.

For those of you who did not complete your fractions homework last week, I have reset this, so that you can complete it this week.  Well done to everyone who did complete it – you did so well!  🙂

I will give feedback on every completed piece of work and point you in the right direction if you struggled on a particular piece of work.

Best wishes,

Miss Harrison

School Closure


Following  the announcent yesterday about school closures, we are still waiting for confirmation about key workers.

School will be closed to all pupils, unless they have an EHCP or are children of key workers.

We will not be delivering a full education to those who attend; the expectation from Government is to provide child care; extending through the Easter Holidays for key worker children, but children will be encouraged to complete work set by teachers, as those at home will be enouraged to do.

Once the list fof key workers, who we will need to supported is published, we will send out a form on the APP to enable you to let us know what your needs will be and how much support you may require from school.

We have worked to contact in person, parents and carers of those with an EHCP, and if we missed you, we will do our best to be in touch this evening.

The staff are working really hard to ensure that plans are in place; keen to support those of you who will be working hard to make sure key services are available to all; but we are also thinking of those who are being impacted upon so heavily in so many ways, by this very trying situation.

Plans will evolve and develop into next week as we gather all the information we need, but all available staff will be in school on Monday to ensure we can forward plan effectively.

I am so proud of staff who are so keen to support the community and we will be working to keep in touch with you all and keep you as fully informed as we can.

Take very great care of yourselves everyone

Mrs Lee



School Closure – Latest Update

Good evening

Following on from the latest announcement from the Government around school closures, we will be working tirelessly to understand the details (not yet published) and to communicate with you our plans.

As from Monday, school will only be open to our vulnerable pupils and children of key workers.  Once we have access to the published list of key workers, we will communicate with you via the APP to ascertain need.

We will also be sharing plans to provide lunches to those children who receive a lunch through the Free School Meals provison. This does not include those who are in Reception to Year 2 who receive a meal through the universal scheme. We will conact you directly if this involves you.

Over the next 24 hours we will be working very hard to understand this new reality, but please be patient; this is an unprecedented situation and we must await details to be published and take time to plan as thoroughly as we are able.

In the morning; please do not phone with queries and enquiries; we need our lines clear for people who may need to notify us of self-isolation and the reality is, we will not have all the answers and solutions by the morning.

Teachers have been busy organising work and information to go home; so you will all have very clear information of log in details for home learning.  Teachers will also be publishing updated information and guidance on a weekly basis moving forward. We have no idea how long this closure will last.

We thank you all for your amazing support and response to this very difficult situation. I must acknowledge the incredible response of the staff team at Myton; they truly do deliver their all and the very best on  a daily basis. We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful team of people; they make me proud every day.

We will be with you all the way through this very testing time with ideas for work and some creative ideas on how to support your wonderful children moving forward. They too, must be praised for their resilience.

We will be setting up a Facebook page to help us all stay connected; to encourage community spirit and to support you in home learning.

We appreciate this is a very stressful and testing time for you all  as a school family and for wider society.

We wish you all a very safe passage through this difficult period and hope that in amongst all of the anxieties it will create, that it also gives the opportunity for some quality family time that helps bring us all closer together.

A quote from one of my favourite books:

Stronger Together

We will bein touch again as soon as we have some solutions to the current situation.

With very warm wishes

Mrs Lee