School Challenge

Good morning all!

I have set a fun new challenge today for everyone but you have 5 days to complete it.

Here are some photographs of many of our staff when they were children or babies. Can you name them? I will post the answers on Friday but we would love to hear your guesses in the meantime. I have also added these to our Facebook page where you can add your guesses in the comments.

Enjoy everyone and take care 🙂

Mrs Hargrave

Year 2 Maths

Hello again,

From today, I am going to start adding some maths resources to Seesaw every week. Many children are using MyMaths but the tasks are quite limited and this way, we can continue with topics that we would’ve been covering this term in school. There will still be tasks available on MyMaths.

For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at statistics, which covers tally charts, bar graphs and pictograms. I have added a knowledge organiser to the first Seesaw Task so that you can see exactly what will be covered but if you have any questions please get in touch.

A number of parents have contacted me to ask where they can find resources to use at home. There are lots of free resources for parents online but I would recommend BBC Bitesize for support with all areas of the curriculum. They have lessons, videos, games and information, all directly linked to the national curriculum.

KS1 link –

If you would like resources or web links for a specific subject area, please let me know and I can email them to you.

Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Lawson



Home Learning

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well.

This is just a note to advise you that this week’s activities and links have now been added to Seesaw. We have now reached chapter 7 of George’s Marvellous Medicine, or part 3 of the video. Thank you so much for the support that you have been giving children to complete the activities. They really are wonderful to read and listen to!

If your child is having problems accessing Seesaw, or if you have any other questions or comments, please email me at I am happy to email the activities and links to you if needed.

Best wishes,

Mrs Lawson

VE Day photographs

Please can I remind you all to send your photographs of the children wearing something red, white or blue to the following email address before Thursday 14th May.

Thank you

VE Day – Friday 8th May

Just a reminder about VE day tomorrow- don’t forget to send us some photographs of you wearing something red, white or blue and to share your celebrations with us.

On my last app message about VE day, you will find lots of resources and ideas that you can share with your family.

Have a great day celebrating and remember that tomorrow is a day off from all of that hard work that you’ve all been doing.  Enjoy!

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Hargrave

Design a super bear competition

Super bear competition

In honour of our incredible carers at the NHS, John Lewis need designs for superhero-themed bears. They are holding a competition to design a super bear and the winning design will be made into a teddybear and sold this Christmas with profits going to the NHS. If you would like to enter click on the link to download a design sheet – don’t feel like you have to stick to the traditional brown bear – they want to see all kinds of super teddies.
Try and incorporate unique elements through colours, patterns, capes, masks – whatever feels exciting for you, but please avoid using any recognisable icons in your designs, such as the ‘NHS’ lettering or Superman logos.

Closing date:  8th May

If you choose to join in with the competition don’t forget to share your design with your class teacher on seesaw or on the Myton Park family facebook page.

VE Day celebrations – Friday 8th May


I hope you’re all okay and staying safe.

As you will already be aware it is VE Day on Friday 8th May so I have put together some activities for the children. I am sending this message in advance so that you have time to plan and prepare an activity if you wish to commemorate this day. We know how busy all our families are so these activities are just some ideas and suggestions for some of the things we might have been doing at school for the children to do at home instead.

I have attached a power point presentation that we would have used in our VE Day assembly, this will give the children some information about VE Day and talk about why we are celebrating the anniversary. I have also attached some resources below but you might have your own ideas as well! You can send your pictures and ideas to our Facebook page or to your class teacher via Seesaw or EExAT (EYFS).


  • Decorate bunting for your front window or house
  • Complete a VE day word search
  • Use wartime recipes to do some baking
  • Plan a celebration party/tea party – design an invitation ,design a banner, decorate a place mat or party hat, make up a dance or your own song, bake a cake etc
  • Design a VE day medal
  • Colour in a VE day colouring in page
  • Design a card for a VE Day veteran to thank them for their service


  • Write a newspaper report about the day or the commemorations
  • Write a diary entry for the day the war ended
  • Design bunting for your front window or house
  • Design a VE day medal for a veteran
  • Perform out Churchill’s speech
  • Plan/have a celebration party/tea party – design an invitation, design a banner, decorate a place mat or party hat, make up a dance or your own song, bake a cake etc
  • Write a letter to a WW2 soldier during war time
  • Design a VE day poster
  • Complete a VE Day word search
  • Have a go at the rainbow science experiment
  • Share information about VE Day using the activity sheet below
  • Use the wartime recipes to bake
  • Research and find facts about a famous veteran or a serving or vet from your family
  • Fill in the VE day thoughts sheet

We would like the children to wear something red, white or blue and if possible could you send us a photograph to the following email address- We are hopefully going to try and make a collage with all of the photographs that we receive.

I have noticed that a lot of streets in Ingleby Barwick are having street parties (with social distancing in place). I have attached the poster that is circulating on the Ingleby Barwick Facebook pages. I didn’t know if this was something you could do in your street/garden? Please remember to send us some photographs of the activities that you complete or any parties/celebrations that you have. Our teachers are all missing the children so will look forward to receiving these photographs!





KS2 VE Day Discussion Worksheet











Power point – VE-Day-Powerpoint

A really good website for information about VE Day –

Thank you!

Take care and enjoy your celebrations!

Mrs Hargrave

Purple Mash Blog

Please remind Year 6 children to check out our class blog on Purple Mash. There are lots of fun activities and experiments for them to try.  It’s a lovely way to keep in touch too.

Thank you

Mrs Lambert

Family game challenge

alphabet game

Your challenge today is to play the alphabet game. You will need at least 2 players but the more the better. One person says the alphabet in their head and another player tells them to stop. Fill in the chart for the chosen letter.

E.G – N – Nico, Natasha, Nacho’s, Newt, New Zealand, Nail file.

Scoring – 2 points if no-one gets the same answer as you. 1 point if someone gets the same answer. 0 points if no answer or incorrect answer.


Mrs C Roberts