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Playground Friends

 Playground Friends

Playground Friends is a project that was introduced by Stockton Council. It is aimed at enhancing positive, co-operative play in schools and encouraging less confident children to interact with their peers.  At Myton Park, we recognise that our role is to develop the education of the whole child.  Through our Playground Friends scheme we provide opportunities for:

Thinking skills – Good manners

Speaking skills

Listening skills

Looking skills


Physical skills – Physical exercise




Social skills –    Co-operation


Taking turns

Being fair

The Playground Friends teach games and rhymes and wear special caps for ease of identification. They choose younger children to receive recognition awards in our celebration assembly. The outcomes for developing this scheme include:

Improved behaviour

Improved caring attitudes

Improved sense of responsibility

Improved peer relationships

Improved physical skills

A happier environment

A decrease in bullying

Improved respect

Year 5 children are given the option of becoming Playground Friends.  They play an important role in school supporting our younger pupils.


Playground Games Spring 1 2016

Playground Games

Beat The Ball

In and out the dusty bluebells

Keeper, Keeper may we cross river in your golden boat

Last Man Standing

Peep behind the curtain

Queeny Queeny Who’s Got The Ball

Sticky Toffee

What Time Is It Mr Wolf

Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar

Duck, Duck,Goose

Playtimes at Myton PArk Primary School






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