Team Year 3 Thank you

Good Morning,

I just wanted to thank everyone for the lovely gifts team year 3 have received. Mrs Ashcroft, Mrs McFarlane and myself appreciate your kindness and generosity.

We wish you a very happy summer and look forward to welcoming you all back in September.

On a work note (sorry!), I have attached the Blue Abyss home learning sheet.


Best wishes

Mr Lamb

Year 4 Transition

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached two links: one detailing year 4 transition and one for the children to complete in the holidays. An uploaded version of the children’s activity will be available on Seesaw too.

More details regarding routines and expectations for year 4 will be published when we return in September. However, if you have any questions or concerns before then please feel free to get in touch and we will help in any way we can.

Looking forward to speaking with all of the children tomorrow.

Best wishes

Mr Lamb and Mrs McFarlane

All about Year 4


Year 3 Zoom Meetings

Good Morning,

I’m inviting all of the year 3 children to join me for a zoom chat on Thursday 16th July. The purpose of this is to catch up with one another and answer any questions the children may have regarding year 4.

I have attached a link at the bottom of this post, which explains which group the children are apart of and when their meeting will commence.

You can join a Zoom meeting by going to and clicking ‘join a meeting’ or you can download the Zoom app on your Apple or android device.
You will need the following ID and password to join the meetings:

627 435 0746
Password: 0jn2tH

Any problems, please feel free to contact me via email:

Best wishes

Mr Lamb

Zoom Chats Year 3


Myton Park Zoom Protocols
In order to comply with school procedures, we ask you to abide by the following protocols:
1) An adult must be in the same room as the child during the session.
2) This session is for the child’s learning; if an adult needs to contact the teacher about any issues, this must be done at a different time.
3) We encourage you to be available for the session. If there are exceptional circumstances and you are unable to make the time set, you must let the class teacher know in advance via email.
4) The topic of conversation will be education based. Please discuss with your child about appropriate/ inappropriate topics. If your child mentions watching something or playing a game not age appropriate, we will have to explain this to them.
5) Suitable clothing must be worn by the child during the session, even on a hot day.
6) Sessions may be recorded for safeguarding purposes.
7) Virtual backgrounds can be used at home.

Year 3 Maths WK 13.7.20

This week’s maths is in the links below. As it’s the final week of the academic year, this week’s workload will be reduced. I will provide 3 activities for maths and english, which the children can complete over the week.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of the year 3 parents and children for their commitment and hard work since the commencement of home learning. I’m so proud of all of the children for their superb attitudes towards work and learning. A special thank you must go out to all of the parents. I appreciate how difficult it is to balance family life, jobs and school work – so thank you on behalf of all the year 3 staff.

Best Wishes

Mrs McFarlane,  Mrs Ashcroft and Mr Lamb

Activity 1 Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-3-RPS-Compare-Angles

Activity 2 PPT – Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-PPT-Draw-Accurately

Activity 2 – Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-VF-Draw-Accurately

Activity 3 – Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-RPS-Draw-Accurately

Year 3 Maths Wk 6.7.20

Please find maths lessons below. Lessons will also be available on Monday morning via Seesaw.

Best Wishes

Mr Lamb

Monday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-1-PPT-Turns-and-Angles

Monday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-1-VF-Turns-and-Angles

Tuesday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-1-RPS-Turns-and-Angles

Wednesday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-2-PPT-Right-Angles-in-Shapes

Wednesday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-2-VF-Right-Angles-in-Shapes

Thursday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-2-RPS-Right-Angles-in-Shapes

Friday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-3-PPT-Compare-Angles

Friday Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-3-VF-Compare-Angles

Year 3 English Wk 6.7.20

Please find English lessons below. All lessons will be available on Monday morning via Seesaw.

Best Wishes

Mr Lamb

Monday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-PPT-What-is-a-Prefix

Monday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-VF-What-is-a-Prefix

Tuesday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-2-PPT-Adding-‘super-‘-‘anti-‘-and-‘auto-‘

Tuesday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-2-VF-Adding-‘super-‘-‘anti-‘-and-‘auto-‘

Wednesday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-3-PPT-Adding-sub-inter

Wednesday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-3-VF-Adding-sub-inter

Thursday/Friday The-Empty-Tomb-Year-3-Non-Text-Guided-Reading-Pack

Year 3 English Wk 29.6.20

Good Evening,

Below is this week’s English. As always, the work will be uploaded to Seesaw tomorrow morning.

Best Wishes

Mr Lamb

Monday Extending Reading Skills

Tuesday Medusa-the-Quest-of-Perseus-Fact-File

Tuesday Perseus Comprehension Questions

Wednesday Writing the next part of a story

Thursday Medusa-the-Quest-of-Perseus-Writing-activity-sheet

Friday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-1-PPT-Sequencing-Sentences

Friday GPS-Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-1-VF-Sequencing-Sentences

Year 3 Maths Wk 29.6.20

Good Evening,

Here are the maths lessons for the week ahead. As always, they will be uploaded on to Seesaw tomorrow morning.

Best Wishes

Mr Lamb

Monday Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-3-RPS-Telling-the-Time-to-5-Minutes

Tuesday Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-4-PPT-Telling-the-Time-to-the-Minute

Tuesday Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-4-VF-Telling-the-Time-to-the-Minute

Wednesday Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-4-RPS-Telling-the-Time-to-the-Minute

Thursday Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-5-PPT-AM-and-PM

Thursday Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-5-VF-AM-and-PM

Friday Year-3-Summer-Block-2-Step-5-RPS-AM-and-PM

Year 3 Update

Good afternoon everyone,

Having contacted parents recently, some have asked for clarification regarding the structure of their child’s school day. I would like to offer some help regarding this issue for those whom are not sure how to structure their day.

Home learning day:

Maths – 45 – 60 mins

Writing – 45 mins

Reading – 15-20 mins

Foundation/Science curriculum –  45 – 60 mins

These activities can be in any order over the course of a whole day. If you wish your child to work mornings and not afternoons or vice versa, then so be it. I understand that many of you are working from home, or have more than one child or both; in this case, you should plan your child’s school day to suit you and them.

* I have set 2 science lessons and 2 foundation lessons via purplemash. This means that one day, you will not have an activity. To fill this time, children can complete any incomplete work, or have time to recharge their batteries and relax.

*A reminder that MyMaths activities are optional.

As always, I will provide the school work via the app, Purplemash and Seesaw.

For parents who are using CGP books, please feel free to use them. If you wish to upload any work onto Seesaw for me to view, please feel free. Regarding uploaded work via Seesaw or Purplemash, for those still awaiting feedback, I must apologize. I would ask for your patience and understanding as planning and teaching reception children, as well as planning and feeding back to year 3 children is proving challenging. I want to assure year 3 parents that year 3 children will continue to be my top priority and I will make as much time as possible to feedback and respond to you as parents and your children.

As always, feel free to contact me via email.

Best wishes

Mr Lamb